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Hey everyone,

It’s Rob, Your Co-Host and Executive Producer of “Night Views”. When I came up with the concept of “Night Views” , I wanted to get together a group of funny, witty and talented folks to talk about some of the Hottest Topics in the world.  So myself, Travis & Amy love to shoot off at the mouth with you guys and talk about what’s going on. Since we’ve been broadcasting this year, we’ve have some really BAD shows but we’ve had some real GOOD ones too. So I hope you will all check out the catalogue of episodes we’re offering and then tune in LIVE every Thursday night @ 11pm EST. I will also be featuring a “Classic” episode every  month of the Host’s choice  to feature and hopefully have you good people listen to.

Also, starting next week I will be doing  a Video Blog exclusively for this website that will be a post show wrap up from yours truly. Coming soon we will be featuring a “YouTube Video of the Week” that we will mention and perhaps play some audio of on the show, that video will be posted right here on the website for your enjoyment.

Don’t forget to check out the Night Views Link on the site so that you can get directly to the TalkShoe page where our show is broadcasted LIVE every week. There is also links for you to follow me on Twitter (my Tweets are also here on the website), and to be my friend on Facebook.

Don’t forget if you have ANY questions, comments, or concerns (or if you just wanna say “What’s up”), you can e-mail the show at and I will answer all of your e-mails personally or forward them to one of my co-hosts of your choice.

Looking forward to talking with all you personally and LIVE on “Night Views”

Robert Saul


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