Sons of Champlin Announce Tour Dates

One of “Night Views” Radio’s favorite bands “The Sons of Champlin” has announced their west coast tour. The Sons’ founder Bill Champlin has released the information on his Official Website and his Official Facebook Page.

Bill’s son Will Champlin, who was a featured guest here on our show, will be opening on the March 6th show at the Mystic Theatre so fans will be in for a rare treat. “Night Views” has always been a big supporter of the Champlins and all their work including having a “BICHIN” show to talk with fans about Bill Champlin’s solo tour. Also “Night Views” producer Robert Saul worked with another show and network to help put together a Bill Champlin Call-In show where fans could interact with Bill.

Rob and his wife will be flying out to California in late March to check out some shows. So keep your ears peeled to “Night Views” Radio on BlogTalkRadio for more info on the trip and related radio shows regarding the tour.


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