What’s New with Night Views Radio

It’s been a long time since the website has been updated but a lot has been going on with the show. Producer and host Robert Saul has been doing some promotional work and PSA’s for the After-School All-Stars. Night Views moderator and host Michael Nayt was the man who started the ball rolling with the charity and getting the show involved with this wonderful cause. Former WWE Diva and actress Stacy Keibler appeared on the show to talk more about her work with After-School All-Stars.

Soon after Michael Nayt went live on location for The Annie Duke After School All Stars Celebrity Poker Tournament to play for charity and interview some of the celebs that were out there including Brad Garrett, Annie Duke, Tiffany Michelle and Stacy Keibler.

The interviews made buzz quickly on the net and on BlogTalkRadio who featured the show immediately and wrote an article about it here. In the interview, Brad Garrett told Michael Nayt that he was opening up his own Comedy Club at the Tropicana on June 28th. Brad’s announcement quickly turned into news. The following day after the show aired, the Las Vegas Sun wrote about Brad’s interview on Night Views Radio and his big announcement. You can read the article here. On June 3rd, the Las Vegas Review-Journal wrote an article that claimed that the negotiations between Garrett and the Tropicana were never finalized and that when Garrett made the announcement on Night Views Radio, the story caused Garrett’s booking at MGM’s The Mirage to be cancelled. Night Views Radio asked Mr. Garrett to appear on a live show but his manager declined the interview.

There will be a lot more big names and big stories to come here on Night Views Radio. So be sure to keep your ears peeled every Thursday night at 11pm ET, 8pm PT on BlogTalkRadio.

And don’t foget to check out the After-School All-Stars and find out how you can donate or get involved.

UPDATE Brad Garrett will indeed be opening up his comedy in Las Vegas at the Tropicana on June 28th. The Review-Journal ate their words as they admitted that Brad WAS correct in informing Night Views that he would be opening up the club


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2 responses to “What’s New with Night Views Radio

  • Beth

    Be nice if the woman who opened the @BaddGarrett account on twitter would stop trying to screw with people and have them believe she is the real Mr. Garrett. He does not authorize that account and don’t think he’d be too pleased to be represented in that way. The comments @BaddGarrett makes in reference to the real Brad Garrett’s girlfriend being a child, liking him only for his money etc. are extremely disrespectful. Mr. Garrett has worked hard and deserves respect from his fans, not some woman obsessed with him who spends her days pretending to be him. And when I met him at his show, he was nothing but kind and knows all about the account but sadly twitter will not suspend because she uses BADD instead of Brad in her user name! Clever but sad woman!!!!

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