This Week on “Night Views”: Bill Champlin and Tamara Champlin

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As “Night Views” Radio closes out it’s final Thursday on BlogTalkRadio before moving to CBS Radio, the hosts are welcoming one of the show’s favorite bands “Sons of Champlin” founder Bill Champlin and his wife Tamara Champlin (who is a lead vocalist in the band’s current line-up).

Bill Champlin is a musician’s musician who has been capitivating audiences since the late sixties when he formed the legendary west coast band The Sons of Champlin. By the late seventies Champlin moved out to LA, where he became one of the most in-demand session musicians. In 1979, Champlin won a Grammy for co-writing the hit song “After the Love Has Gone” that was recorded by Earth, Wind and Fire, Champlin won his second Grammy in 1982 for co-writing George Benson’s “Turn Your Love Around”. In 1981, Champlin joined the legendary rock band with horns “Chicago” as a lead vocalist and keyboardist, he lent his extraordinary lead vocals of some of their most popular songs including “Look Away”, “I Don’t Wanna Live Without Your Love”, “You’re Not Alone” and many, many more. In 2009, Champlin and Chicago parted ways and Champlin returned to his roots by touring to promote his album “No Place Left to Fall” and then reforming the Sons of Champlin with the addition of his wife Tamara and his son, Will.

Tamara Champlin is an amazing artist and song-writer in own right. Tamara was recently a featured guest on “Night Views” to promote some of her incredible work. You can listen to Tamara’s interview on “Night Views” by clicking here.

Be sure to tune into the show live this Thursday night at 10pm EDT, 7pm PDT on BlogTalkRadio as we chat with Bill and Tamara Champlin about the reformation of the Sons of Champlin and the upcoming gigs you can still catch. Phone lines open up 15 minutes before the show at 347-989-1715. Don’t forget to chat with us in the chatroom by signing up for a FREE BlogTalkRadio account. Otherwise, pour a drink, relax and enjoy the show as we talk with a living music legend.


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