Z Talk Radio adds on “Night Views”

With their CBS Radio agreement still lingering in the air, the guys at “Night Views” were deciding what to do with the show. After appearing on former host Double K’s show "Double Talk Radio" on Z Talk Radio, Double K presented the idea off air to bring “Night Views” over to the network. “I definitely perked up at the idea of moving the show to Z Talk Radio, it’s a great quality network”, stated “Night Views” producer and creator Robert Saul. “There was no clause in our agreement with CBS that stated we couldn’t do the show on any other networks, in fact, they encouraged us to keep our show on BlogTalkRadio as well.” After meeting with folks at Z Talk Radio, it has been made official that as of October 28th, 2010 “Night Views” Radio will be filling the Thursday late night slot at 11pm Eastern time, 8pm Pacific time for a 2 hour show on Z Talk Radio. “I still don’t know what the hell is going on with CBS Radio,” says Saul. “But we just didn’t want to fade off into the forgotten so we were looking for something substantial to do. I think Z Talk Radio is a great network and has really made a name for theirselves and I believe bringing our show there will only help to continue the growth of this network”.

The show will continue to run the same type of format on Z Talk Radio. They will still be doing current events, news, celebrity interviews along with adding new bits to the show such as “Trenita’s Freebies” in which the former “Night Views” guest that was the Dating on Demand viral sensation will give listeners tips on how to save money and find bargains in her own colorful way. “The show will be 2 hours”, confirmed Saul. “As of now, with Travis’ work schedule we will probably only be doing the first hour live and the second hour will be pre recorded bits and best of material. Either way it is going to be radio that you’re not gonna wanna miss”.

So be sure to tune in live on Thursday, October 28th at 11pm Eastern time, 8pm Pacific time for the “Night Views” premiere on the best in alternative talk radio-Z Talk Radio.


About Rob Saul

Rob is a radio personality, producer and writer. He current resides in South Jersey and is the father to 1 daughter, Lucy. View all posts by Rob Saul

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