Night Views Loves Lucie

This Thursday night, November 18th at 11pm EST, 8pm PST the legendary show biz queen, the iconic Lucie Arnaz is returning to “Night Views” Radio for a live interview to pick up where she left off on the last show. Lucie will be talking more about her sensational album “Latin Roots”, which is a collection of tunes sung by Lucie that were inspired by her father Desi.

Also joining Lucie, is her son- musician Joe Luckinbill, who’s self titled album is available on all major download sites. He will be talking about his album and the song he co-wrote on his mother’s album, “The Music in Your Heart”.

Also later on in the show, Kris Hagopian from Brilliant Frugal Living will be sharing some amazing Thanksgiving tips including how to feed a group of 8 for under $50 and much more.

You’re not gonna wanna miss this show. Lucie Arnaz and Joe Luckinbill will be with us live only on Z Talk Radio this Thursday night, November 18th at 11pm EST, 8pm PST. Phone lines will be open at 609-957-5295 and you can join us in our very interactive chatroom. Otherwise, pour a drink, relax and enjoy the show!


About Rob Saul

Rob is a radio personality, producer and writer. He current resides in South Jersey and is the father to 1 daughter, Lucy. View all posts by Rob Saul

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