Night Views Host Robert Saul featured on BlogTalkRadio’s Soundbits

As Night Views Radio approaches it’s 3rd year on air, BlogTalkRadio honored host and producer Robert Saul in their Soundbits Blog. “It was quite an honor to be picked out of the thousands and thousand of hosts on BTR”, stated Robert Saul “The questions were great. I got a chance to proclaim my praises and gratitude to Howard Stern and make a public plea to get Stevie Nicks on the show”.

Night Views is celebrating their two year anniversary this Thursday night, January 6th at 11pm EST, 8pm PST on Z Talk Radio with special guests, past hosts and best of moments that put the show on the map as one of the hottest shows on the web. Also, Night Views is going back to their roots by syndicating all of their show on BlogTalkRadio. You can get all archives of past shows on BTR and Z Talk on the new BlogTalkRadio page.

Click Here to Read Robert Saul's Soundbit feature on BlogTalkRadio


About Rob Saul

Rob is a radio personality, producer and writer. He current resides in South Jersey and is the father to 1 daughter, Lucy. View all posts by Rob Saul

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