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“Night Views” Radio is an entertainment radio program that is currently airing on Z Talk Radio every Thursday night at 11pm Eastern time, 8pm Pacific time.

“Night Views” Radio originally aired in early January of 2009 on the TalkShoe network as “Night Views with Rob and Travis”. Hosts Robert Saul and Travis Wettstein were on the internet airwaves to bring their banter to the world about current events, entertainment and news. In episode 3 of the show, Travis’s long time live-in girlfriend Amy P called in to chat on the show along with flamboyant prank caller Ralphie. The show quickly became a fan favorite and Amy was asked to join the show permanently. Episode 4 the show was changed to simply “Night Views” and the three hosts gave their view on anything and everything.

Mid-way through the show, host and Executive Producer Rob Saul decided that he wanted to add another host into the mix for a new “view” for the show. At the time, TalkShoe colleague, host of Double Talk Radio, Double K was a regular listener and caller of the show and Rob Saul decided to bring Double K on board as the newest host of “Night Views”. Double K did a few shows as a host of “Night Views”. Ultimately, the partnership and friendship ended abruptly with Double K and “Night Views”.

As the show went in different directions and started gaining a larger audience, “Night Views” went to a bigger network. The hosts said “goodbye” to TalkShoe and on December 3rd of 2009 the new “Night Views” Radio premiered on BlogTalkRadio. With host Amy P out sick, Rob and Travis opened the new show with hilarious hot topics, new segments and great music. The guests became even greater including rock group Chicago’s original drummer and founding member Danny Seraphine, 98 Degrees singer and founding member Jeff Timmons and the amazingly talented singer, song-writer and producer Will Champlin. After “Night Views” hit it’s stride on BlogTalkRadio, host Amy P decided to bow out gracefully. The show continued to go on and interview great guests such as Lucie Arnaz, Billy Vera, and feature amazing song-writers such as Michael Caruso and Brett Mikels.

But producer Rob Saul still felt there needed to be yet another “view” in the mix as well as a call screener of the show. New host of his own BlogTalkRadio show Michael Nayt showed interest in doing the show and was approached for the spot. On April 15th of 2010, Michael Nayt did his first show as the new “Night Views” co-host and call screener. In September of 2010, Michael Nayt resigned from “Night Views” due to personal issues. On August 17th, 2010, the hosts of “Night Views” signed a one year agreement with CBS Radio to be a part of the ChatAboutIt line-up starting on September 9th, 2010. The show aired for one month before CBS Radio shut down the Chat About It affiliate program. After months of negotiations with CBS, Saul and Wettstein decided to part ways with CBS Radio. The show was signed on a new talk radio network Z Talk Radio and began airing a 2 hour “Night Views” extravaganza every Thursday night at 11pm Eastern time, 8pm Pacific time on October 28th of 2010.

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